Aviation Route Dose Calculation

JISCARD EX Personal Edition (English version)
Japanese version

JISCARD EX Personal Edition is the program for the calculation of aviation route doses between any airports in the world. Please look the user's manual for details on the program.

Download:   Program files [updated on 2008.10.20] (ZIP file, about 4MB)
User's manual [updated on 2008.10.20] (about 2MB)

* You need a password to open the downloaded Excel file. Please send an e-mail to the manufacturer (airdose "at" nirs.go.jp) for request.

* This program runs with Microsoft Excel 2003/2007 on Microsoft Windows XP/Vista.

* The web tool to search airports (AIRPORT SEARCH) has been tested for the following web browsers.
  ・Internet Explorer 6.0 or more
  ・Firefox 2.x or more
  ・Adobe Flush or more