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  1. Metabolic Studies of 11C in Rabbit Thigh Muscle Implanted by Secondary Beams of HIMAC
  2. High-speed Scanning of Atomic Force Microscope
  3. Parameter Analysis Method for Planar Type CdTe Detector with Its Output Pulse
  4. Physiological Changes by Remote Influence
  5. Physiological Measurement on Qigong Biginner
  6. Reconstruction of Dose Distribution on CT-Image of Patient
  7. Electron Emission from Foils: Application to the Beam Profile Monitor and Fast Detector
  8. A Depth Encoding Scintillation Detevtor Unit with a Position-sensitive Photomultiplier Tube
  9. A Buid-up Treatment for Thickness Gauging of Steel Plates Based on Gamma-ray Transmission

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  1. Adsorption Behavior of Ruthenium on Chitosan
  2. Asymmetric Synthesis of Stereoisomers of 2-(2,3-Dihydroxypropyl) piperidine Employing Double Asymmetric Dihydroxylation
  3. Ascorbic Acid Inhibits the Oxidation of Linoleic Acid by Copper (II) Complexes

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BIO-MEDICAL SCIENCES Biochemistry and Biophysics

  1. Radiation Induces Diacylglycerol Biphasic Production through Phosphoinoside-specific
    Phospholipase C and Phosphatidylcholine-specific Phospholipase C in Cultured Rat Hepatocytes
  2. Discontinuous Translation and mRNA Stracture of the Coding Region
  3. Studies on Heavy Ion Radiation-induced Chromosome Aberrations on an lonizing Radiation
    Sensitive Mutant Mouse Cell Line by Atomic Force Microscope
  4. Chemoprevention by Curcumin during Promotion Stage of Tumorigenesis of Mammary Gland
    in Rats Irradiated with Gamma-rays
  5. Enhancement of lntracisternal A-particle RNA in Regenerated Myeloid Cells after Sub-lethal
    Doses of X ray in C3H/He Mice
  6. Singlet Oxygen Dependent Hydroxyl Radical Formation during Uroporphyrin-Photosensitization in the Presence of NADPH
  7. Difference in Calcium Mobilization between Human Leukemia Cell Line, HL60, and Its Hydrogen Peroxide Resistant Mutant Cell Line, HPI00

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  1. lncrese in Spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltranseferase mRNA as a Delayed Response of HeLa S3 Cells Following X-ray lrradiation
  2. Transformed Keratinocyte Colonies in Serum-Free Primary Culture of Epidermal Cell Suspension from UVB-Induced Pigmented Spots in Mice
  3. Accelerated Reoxygenation of a Murine Fibrosarcoma after Carbon Ion Radiation
  4. Chromosome Breakage and Cell Lethality in Human Hepatoma Cells Irradiated with X-rays and Carbon Ion Beams
  5. TPA-induced Apoptosis is Mediated by TNF in Human Monocytic U937 Cells

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BIO-MEDICAL SCIENCES Immunology and Hematology

  1. p53 Deficiency Backcrossed into C3H/He Mice Produced High-incidence of Stem-cell Leukemia after lrrdiation

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BIO-MEDICAL SCIENCES Pathology and Physiology

  1. Different Cellular Basis for the Resistance of C3H and STS Strain Mice to the Development of Thymic Lymphomas Following Fractionated Whole-body lrradiation: Analysis Using Radiation Bone Marrow Chimeras
  2. Absence of Linkage between Radiosensitivity and the Predisposing Atp7b Gene Mutation for Heritable Hepatitis in the LEC Rat
  3. Effects of Orchidectomy on Bone Metabolism in Beagle Dogs
  4. Sequence of 16S rRNA Gene of Rat-Origin CAR Bacillus SMR Strain

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  1. Effect of Deficiency of DNA-dependent Protein Kinase Catalytic Subunit on Mutational Properties in Cultured Mouse Mammary Tumor Cells
  2. A Medaka Mutant, Oot (ONE-sided optic tectum), That Breaks Bilateral Symmetry of the Developing Brain
  3. Cloning of huNp95: A Novel Human Homologue of Mouse Np95 Gene
  4. Nonsense Mutation at 124 in the XRCC4 of Radiosensitive Cell Line MI0
  5. Phosphrylation Sites of NPAT by CycIinE/CDK2 Complex
  6. The Subcellular Localization and the Subcellular Translocation Mechanism of Ku70 and Ku80
  7. Mammalian Cell Lines Expressing Functional RNA Polymerase II Tagged with the Green Fluorescent Protein
  8. Bombgx EST Datebase, 'SilkBase', for Genome Analysis of Bombyx mori
  9. Genome Sequencing of Schizosaccharomyces pombe Chromosome III

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  1. Strain Differences in Carcinogenic and Hemopoietic Responses of Mice Following Injection of Plutonium Citrate

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  1. Chromosonal Aberrations Detected by lnterphase Chromosome Painting in Lymphocytes from Cancer Patients Given X-ray or Carbon ion Therapy
  2. The Phase I & II Clinical Study of Carbon Ion Therapy for Cancer of the Uterine Cervix
  3. Serum CYFRA 12-1 in Cervicaj Cancer Patients Treated with Radiation Therapy
  4. Progesterone Receptor Is a Favorable Prognostic Factor of Radiation Therapy for Adenocarcinoma of the Uterine Cervix
  5. Clinical Trial Research on Radiotherapy for Cervical Cancer in the Asian Regional Cooperation project
  6. Functional Diagnosis and Evaluation of Therapeutic Effects for Cancer using PET
  7. Clinical Application of Autoactivation PET Imaging Derived from C-12 Ion Radiotherapy
  8. Diagnosis-Dynamic Characteristic Model

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  1. Comparison of Stable Cesium and Radiocesium on Dietary Intakes in Japanese Subjects Using 18 Food Categories
  2. Radiation Effects on Growth and Seed Germination of Arabidopsis
  3. Cancer Mortality among Radiological Technologists in Japan: Updated Analysis of Follow-up Data from 1969 to 1993
  4. Determination of U and Th in Soil and Plants Obtained from High Natural Radiation Area in China Using ICP-MS
  5. Precise Determination of the Isotopic Composition of Tellurium by Nagative Thermal lonization Mass Spectrometry
  6. Comparative Biokinetics of Tritium in Rats during Continuous lngestion of Tritiated Water and Tritiated Food
  7. Determination of 99Tc Deposited on the Ground within the 30-Km Zone around the Chernobyl Reactor and Estimation of 99Tc Released into Atmosphere by the Accident
  8. Determination of Uranium Isotopes in Soil and Plant Samples Collected around the Uranium Conversion Building on the JCO Grounds Following the Criticality Accident
  9. Use of a Combustion Apparatus for Low-level 99Tc Separations from Soil Samples
  10. An Ecological Evaluation of Gadolinium Toxicity Using an Aquatic Microcosm
  11. The Concentration of Technetium-99 in Sargassum thunbergii along the Coast of the Japanese Islands

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  1. Space Radiation Dosimetry Using Solid-State Integrating Detectors
  2. Difference in LET-RBE Spectra for Cell Killing Exposed to Accelerated Ion Beams
  3. Effects of high LET particles on Radio-resistant cells and the Molecular Biological Factors
  4. International Research Promotion Office

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