Internal Pu Exposure Animal Pathology Studies Database


This archive summarizes pathological data from animal experiments on carcinogenesis and its risk evaluation performed since 1990 by the Internal Radiation Effects Research Group at National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS). "Pathological Archives of Life-Span Animal Studies on Carcinogenesis Following Internal Exposures to Plutonium Compounds" (NIRS-M-186 ISBN 4-938987-31-7, 200 pp) is an overview of the results.
All of the data except for one part has been computerized and is available to researchers.

In Section 2 of this document each experimental study is described, giving the purpose, methods, design, scale of experimental groups, a brief summary of results and a list of related papers. Included are five studies on pulmonary carcinogenesis in rats following inhalation exposure to plutonium dioxide aerosols and whole-body or thoracic X-ray irradiation, and five studies on carcinogenesis in mice following injection of plutonium citrate solution,
MNU and whole-body gamma-ray irradiation.

In Section 3 histopathological findings are summarized, including diagnoses of induced pathological neoplasms, except for cases unavailable due to cannibalism or postmortem autolysis. These include 23 groups of rats exposed to plutonium dioxide, 15 groups of X-ray-irradiated rats, 15 groups of mice injected with plutonium citrate, 6 groups of mice injected with MNU, and 6 groups of gamma-ray-irradiated mice.

Section 4
lists histological specimens of neoplasms (lung, bone and lymphomyeloid tumors) selected from the above cases, including paraffin-embedded blocks, tissue section slides stained with hematoxylin and eosin or immunohistochemical stainings, and digital microscopic pictures. Cell lines established from lung and bone tumors, as well as extracted DNA from tumors, are also included.

We hope that this archive is useful for radiation risk evaluation and to experimental pathologists.

We would like to thank all the domestic and foreign researchers and technologists who have participated in and cooperated with this research project on the biological effects of internal exposure to plutonium.

Internal Radiation Effects Research Group
Yoichi Oghiso 
Yutaka Yamada 

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