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Overall Schedule and Priorities

The experiments were started in 2002 and have continued to establish methodologies, understand dosimeter performance and to make multiple exposures of each detector as necessary.
In odd number of ICCHIBAN experiments, exposures were to a narrow beam (approximately 20mm diameter) and the targets for the intercomparison were active detectors and a part of passive detectors.
In even number of experiments, expousres were performed in large diameter (10 cm diameter), uniform beams in BIO (Biological Exposure Room) in the HIMAC for passive detectors.

History of ICCHIBAN Experiments

Feb. 11-13, 2002 1st ICCHIBAN Experiment (for Active Detectors)
May 23-28, 2002 2nd ICCHIBAN Experiment (For Passive Detectors)
Sep. 2-4, 2002 7th WRMISS Workshop on Paris
Feb. 3-6, 2003 3rd ICCHIBAN Experiment (For Active Detectors)
May 19-30, 2003 4th ICCHIBAN Experiment (For Passive Detectors)
Sep. 3-5, 2003 8th WRMISS Workshop on Berkeley
Sep. 6-7, 2003 1st Proton ICCHIBAN Experiment (For All Detectors)
Feb. 14-17, 2004 5th ICCHIBAN Experiment (For Active Detectors)
June 4-15, 2004 6th ICCHIBAN Experiment (For Passive Detectors)
Sep. 8-10, 2004 9th WRMISS Workshop on Vienna
Sep. 25-28, 2004 1st NSRL ICCHIBAN Experiment (For All Detectors)
Sep. 7-9, 2005 10th WRMISS Workshop on Chiba
Sep. 13-17, 2005 7th ICCHIBAN Experiment (For Active Detectors)
Sep. 13,15,17
Oct. 22, 2005
8th ICCHIBAN Experiment (For Passive Detectors)
Sep. 6-8, 2006 11th WRMISS Workshop on Oxford
Oct. 26-27, 2006 1st CERF ICCHIBAN Experiment
Sep. 10-12, 2007 12th WRMISS Workshop on Stilwater
Apr. to Aug., 2008 CR-39 ICCHIBAN Experiment
Sep. 8-10, 2008 13th WRMISS Workshop on Krakow
Jan. 29, Feb. 5, 2010 2nd Proton ICCHIBAN Experiment