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  1. If you wish to participate in the ICCHIBAN project at HIMAC and have not already responded to the ICCHIBAN Working Group, please contact Dr. Yukio Uchihori at NIRS. Even if you will not be available to participate to past ICCHIBAN experiments but you have interest in this ICCHIBAN project, please response to him.

  2. Instruments to be tested must either have been previously used, are currently being used or are planned to be used aboard manned space missions to monitor the radiation environment.

  3. Priority in scheduling will be given to instruments designed or manifested for use on the International Space Station or Earth-ISS transit vehicles.

  4. Participants shall provide a description of the operation, data acquisition and analysis techniques for their instrument, either as a specific technical report or by reference to the published literature.

  5. Participants will be responsible for analyzing the results from their instruments, in consultation as needed with the OC and WG.

  6. Participants shall make the results of their data analysis available to the WG and OC as soon as possible, preferably within three months and no later than six months following exposure.

  7. Participants agree to make the results of their analysis available to WRMISS participants and eventually to the space radiation protection community in a manner to be mutually agreed upon by the participants, OC and WG.

  8. Participants are required to provide their own funds for travel and subsistence. NIRS is unable to provide financial support.

    Those interested in participating should supply the information requested on the following pages. Even if your detectors are not available in the beam condition of past ICCHIBAN experiments, would you please reply the inquiry. Because WG will refer the list from the inquiries when next ICCHIBAN project will be planed.