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Plan for Exposures for ICCHIBAN2001
1. Direct Beam
Reference Measurements ( Fig.1 )
Beam Profile --- ZnS Fluorescence Sheet
Precious Beam Profile --- CR-39
Real Time Beam Profile --- PSD
Beam Intensity --- Scintillation Counter
Total Beam Energy --- Silicon Stack
(Velocity Information --- RICH)

Preparation of Exposures of dosimeters ( Fig.2 )
Dosimeters will be irradiated for only one dosimeter in same time. The dosimeter will be mounted on XZ-Theta stage and they will be setup their electronics and so on before the irradiation. After beam tuning, the dosimeter will be put on beam line and the position of dosimeter for the beam line will be arranged using XZ stage. If required, the information of the PSD will help to arrange them. The beam intensity will be tuned to suitable intensity for the dosimeter.

Exposures of dosimeters
Dosimeters will be irradiated for direct beam after transmitting a thin scintillation counter. The scintillation counter will count the beam intensity and give trigger signal for the dosimeter if required.
The beam energy will be reduced to put thin aluminum plates. Then several exposures will be done.
Dosimeter will be rotated with the Theta stage and it will be irradiated with several incident angles.

2. Fragment Beam

Preparation of Exposures of dosimeters ( Fig.3 )
An acryl plate that has 20 millimeters thickness will be put at end of beam pipe and fragment particles will be produced. A dosimeter will be moved to a position with 2 meter distance from the end of beam pipe and 7 centimeter from beam line. The position is corresponding to 2 degree from beam line.

Exposures of dosimeters
The dosimeter will be irradiated fragment mixed particles.