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Call for Your Participation to 8th ICCHIBAN

Dear ICCHIBAN-8 Participant,

The ICCHIBAN-8 Experiment for passive detectors at the NIRS HIMAC will be held conducted concurrently with the ICCHIBAN-7 Experiment from 13 to 17 Sept. 2005 and on 22 Oct 2005. The ICCHIBAN-7 and -8 experiments follow immediately after the 10th WRMISS meeting, also being held at NIRS. Attached, please find a protocol for the ICCHIBAN-8 Experiment. Below is the schedule of HIMAC time for ICCHIBAN-8:

Sep. 13, Ar 500 MeV/n
Sep. 15, O 400 MeV/n
Sep. 17, He 150 MeV/n
Oct. 22, Fe 200 MeV/n

For those of you attending WRMISS and who wish to remain in Japan for the ICCHIBAN-8 Experiment, you are welcome to participate directly. You do not need to attend all the heavy ion runs. Please inform Yukio Uchihori if you plan to attend one or more of the ICCHBAN-8 heavy ion runs.

For those who are not attending WRMISS or who do not plan to remain in Japan after WRMISS for the ICCHIBAN-8 Experiment, we also welcome your participation. In that case, please send your detectors to Yukio Uchihori as per the instructions in the attached protocol. Please make sure your detectors arrive in Japan before 7 Sept. so that we are sure to include them in the experiment.
We recommend that you send your detectors by Federal Express, DHL or some other express mail service, and NOT hand-carry them to Japan since detectors in airline baggage tend to be exposed to airport x-ray security equipment. You might also consider wrapping your detectors in lead-lined film protection bags in order to minimize background irradiation.

Obviously we don't expect anybody to participate in the 22 October Fe run. We will store all the passive detectors involved in ICCHIBAN-8 at NIRS and expose them for you on 22 October. The detectors will then be returned to you by express mail.

Included at the back of the ICCHIBAN-8 protocol is a questionnaire concerning the specification of your detectors. Please answer and return this questionnaire to Yukio Uchihori ONLY if this is the first ICCHIBAN experiment you have participated in or if you are using a completely new type of detector that we would likely be unfamiliar with. For those participants who have taken part in previous ICCHIBAN experiments, there is no need to fill out the questionnaire.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the upcoming ICCHIBAN-8 Experiment, please feel free to contact us by email.  We look forward to seeing you at WRMISS and to your participation in the 8th ICCHIBAN Experiment.