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Call for Your Participation to 6th ICCHIBAN for Passive Detectors

Dear ICCHIBAN/WRMISS participants,

We are pleased to announce the 6th ICCHIBAN experiment scheduled for June 2004 at the NIRS HIMAC. This experiment will be devoted to intercomparison of the response of passive detectors used for crew and area dosimetery aboard spacecraft. The following is the schedule of beam time:

June 4, Ar 400 MeV/n
June 7, Kr 500 MeV/n
June 15, C 135 MeV/n
Details concerning the 6th ICCHIBAN experiment can be found in the attached protocol.
If you plan to participate in the ICCHIBAN-6 experiment, please let us know immediately. In addition, if you have not participated in previous ICCHIBAN experiments, please fill in the Inquiry form at the back of the attached protocol and email it to us. As in previous ICCHIBAN experiments for passive dosimeter, you do not have to be present at HIMAC to participate. You may send your detectors directly to Yukio Uchihori at NIRS and we will expose them for you. Your detectors should arrive at NIRS no later than 1 June 2004.
With best regards,
Yukio Uchihori, Eric Benton and ICCHIBAN Working Group
International Space Radiation Laboratory
National Institute of Radiological Sciences