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Call for Your Participation to 1st NSRL ICCHIBAN
(2nd Announcement)

Dear WRMISS/ICCHIBAN participant,

  We are very pleased to inform you that we will conduct the NSRL-ICCHIBAN experiment at the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory (NSRL) at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in NY, USA. Beam time is scheduled from 2:00 am on Sep. 25 to 10:00 am Sep. 28, 2004. We welcome your participation to these experiments.

As in previous ICCHIBAN experiments, participants with passive detectors will be able to send the detectors directly to BNL and we will irradiate them for you. For those of you who wish to participate with passive detectors and have not contacted us yet directly, please do so immediately so that we can make sure you receive all the necessary information.

For those participants who wish to come to BNL and participate directly in the NSRL ICCHIBAN experiment, there is a rather lengthy process of registration and training that you will need to go through. First, please register at BNL by following the links at http://www.bnl.gov/medical/NASA/Ten_Steps.asp . In addition, in order to work in radiation protection area (exposure room) in NSRL, you will have to undergo training and examination. Please pass them following "Step 4: Training" in the same web site. You have to take two courses ("Cyber Security" and "Radiation Worker 1 - Part 1") before your arrival at BNL. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET that you have to take other courses and then take the "Challenge Exams" once you arrive at BNL to be allowed access to the beam course at NSRL. You will need at least to take one full day for the challenge exams, additional training and exams, paperwork and retina scan. If you wish to directly participate in the NSRL ICCHIBAN experiment, please contact us immediately so that we may make sure that you receive all the required information.

Because the BNL is one of most stricter secured facilities in the USA, Russian, Chinese, and East European participants may need additional to time to fulfill all the requirements needed for beam course access at BNL.

An experiment protocol describing the planned NSRL ICCHIBAN exposures will be distributed by email later this week. This will include information about transportation and lodging at BNL.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Long Island on September.

Sincerely yours,
Eric Benton, Jack Miller, Yukio Uchihori and ICCHIBAN Working Group
Eric Benton