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Annoucemnet of 3rd ICCHIBAN Run
Dear WRMISS and ICCHIBAN participants,

This is the first announcement for the 3rd ICCHIBAN run. As announced at the 7th WRMISS meeting in Paris and at COSPAR in Houston, in February, 2003 we will perform intercomparison exposures with heavy ion beams at HIMAC. This is 3rd opportunity to compare instruments used for radiation protection measurements in the space environment with heavy ion beams. In this run, active detectors which have been operated or will be operated in the ISS or Space Shuttle will be exposed. The beam schedule is:

Feb. 3, 21:00-7:00 Silicon (800MeV/n)
Feb. 4, 21:00-7:00 Silicon (800MeV/n)
Feb. 5, 21:00-7:00 Iron (500MeV/n)
Feb. 6, 21:00-7:00 Iron (500MeV/n)
(Feb. 11 22:00-7:00 Neon (400MeV/n, wide beam) "Tentative, still not adopted.")

So far we expect the following participants for the 3rd ICCHIBAN run:

RRMD-III, Doke and Terasawa, NASDA and Waseda Univ., Japan
DOSTELs, Beaujean and Burmeister, Kiel Univ., German
TEPCs and CPDS, Semones and Shelfer, JSC-NASA, USA
Ground Base Spectrometer, Miller, Zeitlin and Heilbronn, LBNL, USA
Passive Dosimeter Package, Benton, Eril Res. Inc., USA
Liulin-4J, Uchihori, NIRS, Japan
If you have an interest in participating in the 3rd ICCHIBAN run, please let us know as soon as possible.
Sincerely yours,
Yukio Uchihori, Eric Benton and ICCHIBAN working group