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Annoucemnet of 1st Proton ICCHIBAN Experiment
Dear WRMISS and ICCHIBAN participants,

We are pleased to announce the first ICCHIBAN experiment for protons, to be held on 6-7 September 2003 at the Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC). The Proton ICCHIBAN experiment is open to all participants of previous ICCHIBAN experiments as well as investigators with either active or passive space radiation dosimetry instruments. The Proton ICCHIBAN experiment is being held immediately after the 8th WRMISS in Berkeley so that international participants attending WRMISS do not have to make an additional trip to California. Loma Linda is located ~800 km south of Berkeley and there are frequent flights between the Oakland airport near Berkeley and the Ontario airport near Loma Linda.

The scientific program for the Proton ICCHIBAN experiment has yet to be finalized. However, we can provide you with the following details. All irradiations will be made in the LLUMC Research Room using a 1 meter x 1 meter beam spot. We hope that this will permit us to expose all the detectors simultaneously. One part of the experiment will be devoted to a solar particle event (SPE) simulation. During the SPE simulation, the detectors will be exposed to protons of energy between 30 and 210 MeV with a spectral distribution similar to that measured for the Sept. 1989 event. We will simulate the first several hours of the SPE during that period when the flux is increasing to a maximum.

We will also be making exposures using three monoenergetic proton beams. Nominal energy of the monoenergetic beams are 70, 155, and 230 MeV. These exposures will serve to intercompare the response of different instruments to protons at a number of discrete energies. Note that 155 MeV protons are used throughout the proton therapy community for dosimeter intercomparison.

Those investigators with passive detectors who are not attending WRMISS or who don't wish to travel to Loma Linda are welcome to send their detectors directly to us for exposures. We will treat these detectors in the same way as the detectors exposed in the ICCHBAN-2 and -4 experiments. Details for where and when to send the detectors will be forthcoming. Investigators with passive detectors who wish to attend the experiment in Loma Linda are welcome to participate directly. Investigators with active instruments will most likely have to participate in person. Transportation and lodging information will be distributed shortly.

If you plan to participate in the Proton ICCHIBAN experiment, please email Eric Benton. Please let us know if you plan to participate in person or will be sending your detectors to us for exposure. Also please fill out the attached inquiry form and return it to Eric Benton by email. We are looking forwarding to your participation in the Proton ICCHIBAN experiment and hope to see you in California.

Best Wishes,
Yukio Uchihori, Eric Benton and the ICCHIBAN Working Group