REMAT, the Radiation Emergency Medical Assistance Team, is organized, first in the World --For quicker response to overseas nuclear accidents--


REMATNIRS has formed the Radiation Emergency Medical Assistance Team (REMAT) to support primary medical care when exposure to radiation or radioactive material contamination incident/accident occurs overseas. The team kicked off the operation on January of this year. The world sees very few teams like REMAT, the first such team in Asia, which is capable of providing support in the area of radiation emergency medicine. With this team in place, NIRS is now able to conduct international support operations that actively utilize the organization's human and physical resources in such medical field.

The team consists of physicians who specialize in radiation emergency medicine and experts of radiation dosimetry. The team, equipped with advanced and highly portable radiation measuring instruments and special medications for contamination incidents, has newly developed satellite communication system capable of analyzing radiation measuring data in real time that enables quick estimation of exposure dose in cooperation with the support team in Japan.

At the future occurrence of a nuclear disaster, NIRS is now ready to immediately dispatch this team, expected to serve in the event of an accident, upon request by the government of the nation affected or by international organizations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


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